US Coal

US coal supplier company in India

In the coal market, each and every industrial unit has specific requirement for optimum energy mix.

Ienergy Natural Resources Limited has all the energy mix for imported coal and coke – US Coal, Indonesian Coal, South African Coal, Saudi & USGC Petcoke, Coking Coal, Screened Coal and Metallurgical Coke.
US Coal

i-Energy® is one of the leading and branded US Coal Supplier and importer in Indian Market. Coal imported in India is majorly from the Appalachian Basin and the Illinois Basin region of the United States. I-Energy® is trusted and quality US coal supplier in west coast – mainly Kandla Port, Mundra Port and Tuna Port for retail and wholesale. We also have stock piles in east coast of India.

The specifications for US Coal are as below:

US Pitt-8 NAPP 6900 NAR Coal

GCV (ADB) 7700
Net Calorific Value (NAR) 6900
Total Moisture (ARB) 7%
Inherent Moisture (ARB) 1%
Ash Content(ARB) 7%
Volatile Matter(ARB) 38%
Fixed Carbon (ARB) 48%
TS(ADB) % Wt. 3%
Size 0 x 50 mm

US Coal – 6300 NAR

GCV (ADB) 7100
Net Calorific Value (NAR) 6300
Total Moisture (ARB) 10%
Inherent Moisture (ARB) 3%
Ash Content(ARB) 8%
Volatile Matter(ARB) 34%
Fixed Carbon (ARB) 45%
TS(ADB) % Wt. 2.50%
Size 0 x 50 mm